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Foshan meibaoshun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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About us

Foshan meibaoshun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise relocated from Dongguan Shunyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to Longjiang, Shunde. The company integrates R & D, production, sales and service, focusing on the manufacturer of LED photoelectric display, specializing in R & D, production and sales of LED digital tubes, LED display, LED lattice module, temperature display, clock display, current and voltage display, automobile instrument display, etc

Why do we all choose us?

Professional focus, service to the heart, perfect
Strong strength and guarantee


Quality products

High quality products are powerful weapons for enterprises to enter the world market

In order to create high quality products, the introduction of LED products throughout the production process of advanced production equipment

By optimizing the process to produce high-quality products, it has laid the foundation for creating a first-class enterprise


Strive to be meticulous and perfect

We strive to be meticulous in every process and perfect in every detail

The production management system, testing system and quality control system are integrated into the production process of all products, and advanced technology, production and inspection equipment are widely used

Truly achieve high quality, high standard service to customers at home and abroad


Aiming at the increasing demand of customers

Equipped with a variety of advanced experimental detection equipment

Monitor the whole process of products from raw materials, production process and finished products

Carefully check and test item by item, so that all indicators can meet or exceed the requirements of customers


High quality, high efficiency and low cost

Only products with high quality, high efficiency and low cost are trustworthy to customers

The use of high-quality raw materials, by professional and technical personnel to product mold development

Product process, batch production, etc. for the whole process of tracking inspection, to ensure to provide customers with high quality products.

+86 13058501370